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Wedding Locations

Discover a serene and intimate setting, curated by our expert planning team for your perfect day. From breathtaking views of the country creekside to the peaceful beauty of the Tonto National Forest, our locations exude elegance and natural surroundings. Immerse yourself in timeless splendor and create unforgettable memories in our meticulously selected settings

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The Ceremony & Reception

Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with Wild Thyme Group’s premier wedding catering services. Our dedicated team creates exquisite culinary experiences that perfectly reflect your unique vision and taste. From elegant canapés to mouthwatering main courses and irresistible desserts, our talented chefs use only the finest ingredients to ensure each bite is a true delight.

Experience impeccable service and attention to detail throughout your special day. Our seamless and stress-free catering services will leave you free to cherish every precious moment. Trust Wild Thyme Group to bring a touch of culinary magic to your wedding celebration.

Contact us today to elevate your wedding catering experience to new heights of flavor and sophistication.

Events & Catering

Experience the unforgettable at Wild Thyme Restaurant Group’s events, where we offer a diverse range of engaging experiences, from exclusive private dinners to themed galas with live entertainment, ensuring a remarkable celebration of fine dining and entertainment. Trust our exceptional catering and entertainment services to handle your large-scale events, as our experienced team meticulously plans and flawlessly executes every detail, while our tantalizing menu options and entertainment choices elevate your celebration to new heights.

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Formula 1 Catering in Las Vegas

In a dazzling display of culinary prowess, the Wild Thyme Restaurant Group took center stage at the Formula 1 racing event in Las Vegas 2023, elevating the VIP experience with their exquisite hospitality. As the preferred choice for discerning patrons, Wild Thyme curated an unforgettable gastronomic journey, expertly weaving together delectable cuisine and impeccable beverage services, leaving an indelible mark on the high-octane atmosphere of the prestigious racing extravaganza. Amidst the roar of engines and the glamour of the event, Wild Thyme’s presence showcased their unwavering commitment to excellence, setting a new standard for luxury dining at the intersection of speed and sophistication.

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